Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Language Is The Identity of Nation

Hi friends as you know our konkani language is in danger in Maharashtra. Many people adopting Marathi and dont aware that konkani is ther own language. First thing I want to clear that we are not against any language.  We will try to spread konkani with respect to other Indian languages. Don't keep any doubt about our mission. We are not here to demand separate konkani country. We are proud of our country. So please don't keep any misunderstanding about our mission. 
Konkani have many dialects. Like Malvani is konkani's most spoken dialect in Sindhudurg and Rajapur. To save konkani and it dielects and to keep konkani under one umbrella we have started new blog. This new blog have writers from all region like Ratnagiri,Sindhudurg,Goa and North Canara.
Now I will try to explain about our mission. We are not here to divide country. Language is identity of every community. If you want to save country first you have to save your own language. India is the country of several cultures and languages. If you are not giving respect to your own language then how u can respect your country ? We feels that all Indian languages (authorized by Sahitya Academy ) must have same status. Now we have different states like Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka each state have its own language.

We are trying to save our language. We have respect about all Indian languages. Take my example I have my own blog "Marathi Samuday"  which is very famous in Marathi language. I have 2 blogs and 3 websites in English. Because I am professor of Engineering I have to use English in academics. I have written 2-3 articles in Hindi for my website. I have 3 publications for conferences in English. At my hometown I speak Malvani which is dialect of konkani.

At the end of the day I am proud of my own language i.e. konkani, my cultural language i.e. Marathi, my professional language i.e. English and official language of India i.e. Hindi. If you want to save your own language there is no need to hate other languages. We can save konkani without hate.

Important thing is that, It is practice which makes man perfect. You can become perfect in every language. Take example of former Prime Ministers of India Indira Gandhi and Narasinh Rao. Both were masters of 13 Indian languages. And if any Indian language is in danger then every Indian should help to save that language. So on this blog I expects help from every Indian to save konkani. You will ask what is the need of blog to save konkani? We want to keep konkani speaking people united. To improve language , to help each other ,  to construct modern nation. Thats why we are writing here. 

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