Friday, June 18, 2010

Basic Instructions for Writers

Hi friends following are basic instructions to all writers
  1. You can post in Konkani and its dialects.
  2. You can post in Marathi or English to spread word about konkani in those konkani people who have adopted other languages and who don't understand konkani.
  3. You can use both Devnagari and Roman Scripts.
  4. You can post your own articles, poems and photos.
  5. If your postings other writers or poets material please take his/her permission and then mention his/her name.
  6. We will not accept any commercial Advertisements.
  7. You can post non-commercial, social and environmental advertisement.
  8. No Insulting words for any religion or caste will be tolerated.
  9. No Insulting Words / Sexual content will be Tolerated.
  10. No hate speech please. 
Thank you very much.
KonkaniOnline Blog Team

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