Friday, July 30, 2010

Konkani is dying …

Konkani is in very bad state , as unesco has mentioned 196 indian languages are endangered in India …hat means these languages are dying because people are not aware about their own mother tongue and even Indian government is not taking much care , for ex chattisgarhi , maithili, haryanvi , santali , bhojpuri , marwadi, garhwali , kumouni , dogri , awadhi and pahadi all are north Indian languages , thease speakers have started speaking in hindi and even they feel shy to speak their mother tongue . 

In same way in south India tulu and kodava people have started adopting kannada,. badaga , toda and kota people are adopting tamil this is because these laguages are not recognized and these languages are treated as tribal languages …

So if we take Konkani, its also in same condition bcoz konkan region is geographical distributed in different states , Konkanis in maharastra have adopted marathi and thet feel shy and low in the society if they speak their Konkani dialect like sangameshwari and malwani and they think by speaking marathi keep up their standard..

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