Saturday, June 4, 2011

GSB Konkani

Really nice article I found on the website of GSB Konkani. GSB community of Konkan speaks konkani. They are really working hard to save konkani. Must read this article not only by GSB's but also by other communities who speaks konkani language.  

Konkani Our Mother Tongue :
"Our mother tongue is Konkani. Konkan denotes a place. The coastal Maharashtra to the north of Goa, consisting of Ratnagiri, Malwan etc. is called "Konkanpatti" even to-day and the people here as well as in Goa and Uttar Kannada consisting of Karwar, Kumta and Honavar speak Konkani irrespective of their caste, creed or community. To the south of Bhatkal, up to Kanyakumari people speak Konkani but the other languages like Kannada, Tulu and Malayalam are more prominent in these areas".

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